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Canadian comedy, facts, a scenic slide show tour anda beer section.

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-All the funny, insulting, and cool stuff that makes its rounds in the email world is here.

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See It Or Not
-Crashes and comedy pictures. You can ooh and awe, at the crashes, and then you can hoo and ha and the comedy. It helps to break up the tension of crashes.

Star Wrecked
-A Star Trek fan site that dares to go where no other site has gone before. Comedy, fun bios, desktops, trivia, and astronomically more.

Porcelain Poetry
-All the content is about crappers, but none of it is crappy. Lots of toilet comedy, jokes, short poems, and more.

Star Warped
-Let this farce be with you. All kinds of Star Wars comedy, desktop stuff, and blow away animation, literally!







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