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Funny Flash and Comedy Downloads

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  1. Spear Britney Spears
    -Chuck spears at Britney Spears for some fun gore with this funny Flash game.
    271 kb
    / Flash Movie
  2. George Bush x-ray
    -A funny Flash clip where you can see the Presidents real face. Just mouse over him to reveal the truth.
    49 kb
    / Flash Movie
  3. Funny pong game
    -You can't actually play the game, but it is humorous to watch it unfold.
    154 kb / .exe
  4. Useless Japanese Inventions
    -A slide show of the most useless Japanese inventions possible.
    351 kb / Power Point slide show
  5. Famous stars in 10 years slide show
    -See what certain celebrities will look like, maybe.
    392 kb / Power Point
  6. Terrorist bomber game
    -Become a terrorist and see how many people you can kill or injure by blowing yourself up.
    175 kb
    / Flash Movie
  7. William Hung American Idol game
    -If you remember the person with the least talent that was ever on the show, you'll like this.
    189 kb
    / Flash Movie
  8. Face bugging
    -Mouse over this guys face and bug him until he can't take it any more.
    711 kb
    / Flash Movie
  9. Pictures of Mars with a twist
    -A funny slide show of the newest pictures from Mars.
    422 kb / Power Point
  10. Ultimate presidential stupidity
    -Starring George Bush, Ronaldo, Hillary Clinton, the Pope and one little boy.
    781 kb / Power Point
  11. Poke the penguin  
    -Go ahead and poke this Penguin. See what happens to you.
    67 kb
    / Flash Movie
  12. The Perfect Man  
    -Some male bashing for the ladies to enjoy, and men to relate to.
    367 kb / Power Point




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